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Show Your Love for the Lakes

Show Your Love for the Lakes

Clock13th December 2015

Storm Desmond has wreaked havoc on the Lakes. Yet the response has been overwhelmingly positive – which comes as no surprise given the strength of community there.


No sooner had the trail of destruction begun, there was everybody sharing the events and calling for people to help by showing their love – as this image from Andy McKay perfectly sums up.

pic by Andy Mckay

pic by Andy McKay


Independent businesses & community spirit
Cumbria is home to so many small independent businesses. Their ethos is embodied with inherent community spirit. Think of the amazing eateries, artisan bakers, craft breweries, running communities, art shops, book shops, small hotels, chocolatiers, b&b… so so much. I make no apologies for the cliché that they always pull together in adversity. That’s just one of the reasons why I’d one day love to live in the Lakes.

Below are just a very small selection of the destruction around Ullswater alone.

pic by Catstycam

pic by Catstycam

pic by beyond imagination

pic by beyond imagination

pic by catstycam

pic by catstycam


This video from Catstycam gives a small indication of the damage to Pooley Bridge.

This is where the bridge used to be at Pooley Bridge. Built in 1764 this used to be the border between Cumberland & Westmorland.

Posted by Catstycam – Outdoor Clothing & Equipment on Sunday, 6 December 2015


While this from David Jackson shows the sheer force of the water buying ventolin inhaler coming through Glenridding.

Posted by David Jackson on Tuesday, 8 December 2015


What Can You Do?
Simply show your support however you want 🙂 That might be sending a message via Twitter, visiting for the day or booking an event for 2016. Me? Well I was already booked on the UT55 next July. I’ve also booked on Lakeland Trails Hawkshead and Kentmere. But what I also intend to do is buy more from the Cumbrian organisations online. And to encourage more friends to try out this magnificent part of the world. Also to stay over more when I do visit. And I’ll definitely book my very favourite trail run: Keswick 15k. As you can see below, it’s very likely the route will be different due to bridge damage – what we can guarantee is a truly special day for all participants and those involved 🙂

pic courtesy Lakeland Trails and Tara Vallante

pics courtesy Lakeland Trails (top) and Tara Vallante (bottom)


Here’s to more amazing adventures on the trails 2016! And I’ll be sailing on one of these beautiful Ullswater Steamers come Nov 2016 🙂


Helvellyn-15k-Jeff-Ben Jeff-Ben-Helvellyn-switchback

ullswater-steamers-pooley-bridge ullswater-steamer

2 pics immediately above by Ullswater Steamers


Leaving Ullswater, heading to Howtown


All the best!



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