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Protein brekkie to go smoothie

Energise your morning with this ‘protein brekkie to go smoothie’. Lovely creamy texture, sumptous taste. Excellent post-run 🙂


Simply drop these ingredients into a blender for about 60 seconds.

  • 1x large banana chilled
  • 1x cup semi-skimmed milk (or 2 cups if you want it thinner – almond milk works well too)
  • 4x oatcakes (or 1-2x cups muesli)
  • ¼ cup peanut butter (I like crunchy organic)
  • 3x ice cubes

* Note: Cups are using baking cup measurements. Click here for equivalents.

The result of this is a smoothie high in energy, protein, and taste!  Thick and creamy. Enjoy with your running mag 🙂

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