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Ice Cream ‘au naturel’

This [faux] ice cream is totally natural, absolutely delicious and cheap 🙂 No rubbish or even dairy.

What’s more is it’s full of energy & vitamins. Can you guess how it’s made? I had no idea until coming across this technique on Happybody and adapted it.



  1. Peel 2 bananas and place into a food blender.
  2. ½ cup mixed berries – I used strawberry, raspberry, blueberry here.
  3. Blend for anything up to 2 minutes, until you have a creamy or smoothie type texture (see below).
  4. Freeze for 2-3hrs, then enjoy! The sensation in your mouth is almost a hybrid of ice cream and sorbet.

NOTE: I did initially do this by freezing the bananas before blending – but this inderal no prescription nearly broke said blender!

* You can easily sweeten this with 1x tsp or 1x tbsp of runny honey.
* You could also add 1x tbsp coconut oil.
* As an alternative to berries, you could use nectarine, peach, apricots.

It really is simple and so refreshing. Ideal for a hot, sunny day. Tested this on family too and no-one knew it contained banana. They all thought it was ice cream 🙂

Vitamins aplenty. What’s more is the bananas give you energy and the berries antioxidants. You could easily throw in some nuts too for healthy fats!

Make a habit of stocking in your freezer. You won’t regret it!



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