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#Run1000Miles Challenge

#Run1000Miles Challenge

Clock6th March 2017

#Run1000Miles the email said….

#Run1000MilesNoting it was from TRm Editor Claire Maxted, I thought I’d better read. “In 2017 we will launch a campaign called #Run1000Miles which will encourage runners of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to have their fittest year ever, running 1000 miles over the course of the year….We would love you to be one of our ambassadors, running 1000 miles in
2017, blogging and social media-ing (is that a word yet?) about your progress and encouraging others.”

So many conflicting thoughts went through my head: “Never run that much in my life.” “How will it impact on family?” “How amazing it would be to participate!” “The health benefits could be huge!” “What if it makes Lymes flare up again?” “What if I let others down?” “We could be helping others to their fittest year ever.”

Best Reader BlogMaterially, it had been suggested by Claire that this could help my blog. She knows how to get people on board with an idea! That was potentially true and I felt it was a way to repay TRm for their awarding of Best Reader Blog.

So I spoke to family about it and all were agreed I should do it, so long as I looked after myself and them, i.e. running didn’t come first. I immediately emailed my reply – Yes! After all, why not give it a go? If I didn’t manage at least I’d tried. Providing I was sensible, this could only benefit me and those close to me. The main reason… this was inclusive and designed to encourage more people to get out more and be active. To find and love the trails more.

Before long, I was one of a team of ambassadors who had signed up and pledged to #Run1000Miles. No going back!

jeff mccarthy #Run1000Miles pledge run1000Miles ambassadors

Well we’re now 2 months in and it’s been incredible. On personal terms, I passed the 200 mile mark last week – to put that into context I ran circa 300 during the whole of 2016! Mid 2013 – mid 2014 I couldn’t exercise at all due to Lyme Disease. The challenge is helping me enjoy buy klonopin in canada getting out for a run at least 3x per week, sometimes 5x. It matters not that some of those are jogs – in my mind there is no such thing as junk miles when you’re able to run outdoors.

jeff mccarthy run1000miles tracker inov-8 ultra


But all of that is secondary to the benefits offered to others. For example, the kids (15 & 13) have got into running and now love to join me on trail runs rather than pounding the pavements. While I’m content to get fitter, their rate of progress is staggering and fantastically motivating!

#Run1000Miles facebook group header

The TRm #Run1000Miles Facebook community is the most positive I have ever seen. It’s a privilege to be involved. Everyone encourages their peers. All of us know that at some point injury and/or illness will stall momentum. All will progress through the challenge at different rates. It’s so important not to compare yourself to others. What’s the point after all? This is an individual challenge we are all helping each other be part of.

Millie picSo when you read of someone who is “struggling with my running mojo”, or “feeling overwhelmed by the distances others are doing”, “had a really tough week but made myself get out on the trails”… How can that not inspire you to hit your local trails? I now do more running with the kids and our mini-Schnauzer pup. Incidentally, since taking up running in November my son has now developed from being much slower than me to beating me over fast or hilly 5k, 10k, 12k!



The pictures being shared by fellow #Run1000Miles challengers are fab. They show the joy, challenge, benefits of a trail run. The smiles, pain, mud, sun, wildlife, hills…  a few of mine are below.

Who know what are respective individual mileage will eventually be? Who knows how the challenge will shape us? On thing for sure – we’ll enjoy taking part 🙂  Oh, and the kids will get even quicker!!

How are you progressing? What obstacles have you face? What are you enjoying most about the challenge? Would love to hear from you in the comments 🙂


local trail run jeff mccarthy knowl hill

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