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Inspirational Running Films from SHAFF17

Inspirational Running Films from SHAFF17

Clock31st March 2017

Recently I had the pleasure of judging a range of superb running films for Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF).*

Below are my favourites. I hope they inspire you as much as they do me 🙂 Feel free share the joy by passing on to your running buddies!


Run Forever

Nicky Spinks is a (s)hero of mine! Amazing athlete, amazing person and what she has achieved is beyond words. Awesome film of an awesome woman. Loved her team and the camaraderie. Tears, smiles, awe.


Paradise Lost

Absolutely love the raw honesty and vulnerability portrayed by Frosty in this film. Incredible cinematography. What an amazing land & culture Papua New Guinea. Haunting yet very uplifting.


Cape Wrath Ultra

Truly wonderful! Made me wonder at what it is to be alive and what we can do. Wonderful people, wonderful scenery, wonderful adventure. Blown away!


Mt. Marathon

Insane! Laughed out loud. Added to bucket list! Didn’t want it to end!


Life On The Fells

Inspirational. Fell buy ambien online pharmacy, propranolol no prescriptio running does indeed make you feel like a kid again. Gives you perspective when most of us complain about little injuries and you have people like Adam dealing with heart transplant and BG attempt!


The Bob Graham

Just love this story. The simplicity, the history, the mountains! Great music and imagery. Amazing.


The Crown Traverse

Brilliant, brilliant film. Adventure, friendship. Amazing traverse. Loved the 599.7 miles realisation at the end! Superb.


Trail Dog

Beautiful life lessons and joyous message. Incredible short film.


Beauties and the Bog

Excitement, awe, fun. Very uplifting film showing how great challenges in a team can be. Love the mix of sunset, head torch, daytime shots. Great music too.


Chasing The Distance

Fantastic film. Moving and humbling yet inspiring.



Running Sucks – Story of a Barefoot Runner

Love the sound of the slate scree! Great little film.


Yours in sport

* Judging was as part of the Trail Running magazine team.

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