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5 Ways Running Improves Your Health

5 Ways Running Improves Your Health

Clock6th October 2017

Guest author: Joana Teixeira


So, how does running improve your health? There are the obvious fitness benefits and also some others that you may not have thought of.

For example, if you want to know how to lower cholesterol with exercise, running can play a big part in that. From strengthening your muscles, improving your endurance and sharpening your focus – to the cathartic nature of pounding the pavement or grass, running really does offer a whole host of positive results. With that said here are five ways in which running can improve your health.


1. Good for your soul

There’s no doubt about it; running can make you happy. Maybe not whilst you’re going through the pain up a steep hill, but when you reach that summit or any other target within a run you may benefit from a rush of endorphins. This is a real release and will most certainly bring a smile to your face. It can also leave you feeling good about yourself and satisfied that you’ve achieved something, which can carry over into your everyday life.



2. De-clutter your mind

You’re probably confused about this one but it really can! When you run it’s your time – time when nothing else is expected of you. All you have to do is start… and finish. The time in between is yours to do with what you want, whether it’s switch off completely or get some clear-headed thinking in. Either way, running is a really good way of de-stressing and getting away from everyday problems.


3. illness

When you go running regularly your overall inderal cheap health and fitness is obviously going to receive a boost, but you’re also going to help yourself fight illness and disease. Exercise has been proven to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure and prevent diabetes. In addition, if you want to know how to lower cholesterol levels, running combined with healthy eating can play a huge role in that.

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4. Burn calories doing nothing

Not strictly accurate, but you’ll get it once it’s explained. You see, after you’ve been running your body continues to burn calories. Once you’ve pushed your body to a certain limit in your run, an after burn process kicks in. This means it continues to fire long after you’ve finished. It’s like you’re continuing to work out after your workout, and with that you’ll get an increased fat burn.

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5. Improved joint and bone strength

It’s often said that running is bad for the joints, and poor form or over training can certainly create a strain, but did you know that it can be very good for them too? Running is a great way of increasing bone density, which can support your joints, and it can even help prevent certain types of injury in the long term.


As you can see, running brings with it so many health benefits. From the obvious improvements it can make to your overall health, cardio fitness and muscle strength to making you happy and helping to lower cholesterol, it’s something that can definitely improve your life!

Joana Teixeira


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