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Remembering why you run

Remembering why you run

Clock23rd April 2018

Hawkshead Lakeland Trails event offered the perfect opportunity to remind me why I love to run. And why trail running is a particular favourite.


The #Run1000Miles community, set up by ex Trail Magazine editor Claire Maxted in 2017,  continues to thrive in 2018. There are almost 4,500 members now from all parts of the world, all ages, all abilities, all hugely enjoying the camaraderie. So when we had the chance to meet up during one of my favourite trail running events, it was an opportunity not to miss! 


Excitement and fear

I was really looking forward to meeting fellow community members. Though slightly nervous at meeting so many ‘friends’, who I feel I know, face to face. Also, after a period out with torn medial ligaments in my right ankle, I had only managed to run 5k in preparation. So I couldn’t wait to get back onto the trails and simply trot around a course for pure enjoyment. Nerves about how the ankle would hold up though were hardly helped by arriving after the official registration cutoff time (should have set off earlier!) and the fact my ankle was quite painful on a jog/walk loosener on the field. Not a great sign.


Spring at its best!

I needn’t have worried at all. The #Run1000Miles group were already chatting away when I found them. This included Louise Greenwood who I had only days before interviewed for my blog – to an incredible reaction due to her approach and words.

The weather was also kind to us. A sunny, warm spring day with a nice breeze ensuring it wasn’t too hot. The ground was also soft in a number of places thanks to some rainfall in the preceding days – good for my ankle!


run1000miles hawkshead

#Run1000Miles after (pic Claire Maxted)


hawkshead start

Ready for the off (pic Claire Maxted)


hawkshead 2018

A ‘gentle’ climb early on (pic Claire Maxted)


Surpassing expectations & unexpected surprises

Just as we neared the 5k point I caught up with Pete Lashley and was able to enjoy running with him for about 3 miles for a lovely catch up. We talked music, injuries, family, the Lakes, the perfect weather. I admire Pete hugely as he always runs with a smile buy inderal in canada before finding the energy to gig at every Lakeland Trails event. It was just before this photo that I was into new territory in terms of going beyond 5k for the first time in ages – hopefully you can see the pleasure on my face!


jeff mccarthy and pete lashley hawkshead 2018


Fellow #Run1000Miles runner – and Trail Magazine editor – Paul Halford kept passing us before pausing to take some pics or video of the scenic surroundings. When you have lush downhill and a perfect Langdales backdrop, why not?! He too was enjoying a social run.

The ankle improved the further we ran – after 5k becoming pain free. In fact the only pain I experienced from that point was in my quads, on the infamous coffin trail that is the final major climb of the run! I began the day with the intention of trying to run it all. But common sense prevailed and I decided not to push too far after injury and instead fast walked it. This really helped maintain a semblance of energy for the last few kilometres of descent and the flat finish.


Sense of Community

It was fantastic to see and applaud fellow #Run1000Miles runners finishing their run. And chatting with them afterwards over refreshments from the excellent stall holders on the day. For some bizarre reason I was craving coffee so returned to the stall several times! That and stuffing my face with nutrition 🙂

Great too, to welcome into the finish fellow Rochdale Harriers and other friends I’ve made through trail running. Superb 🙂

Decent weather always adds to the occasion so loads of us stayed to enjoy Pete Lashley gig – including a quite excellent cover of Wuthering Heights! – the prize giving and the spot prize celebration.

Lastly, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all marshals and volunteers on the day. Without you these events are not possible. Particular thanks for your extremely hard work getting many of us off the muddy field car park. All I saw from helpers were smiles 🙂

Lovely place. Lovely sense of community. A lovely day.

Now to continue enjoying some injury free trail running in prep for Staveley 🙂


jeff mccarthy hawkshead 2018

A delight to run 🙂


run1000miles hawkshead

#Run1000Miles after (pic Claire Maxted)


Yours in sport


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