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Camelbak Competition 2019

Camelbak Competition 2019

Clock6th January 2019

£350+ of prizes in Camelbak competition

Competition closed Friday 18 January 2019 @ 20:00 (GMT).

Get 2019 off to a flying start with one of these fantastic Camelbak hydration vests.


1x CIRCUIT vest deep amethyst RRP &75 (model year 2017/2018)

1x CIRCUIT vest lime punch RRP £75 (model year 2017/2018)

1x ULTRA PRO vest  RRP £125 (size S, M or L – to be confirmed by winner*)


camelbak circuit hydration vest amethyst

camelbak circuit hydration vest amethyst


camelbak circuit hydration vest lime

camelbak circuit hydration vest lime


camelbak ultra pro hydration vest

camelbak ultra pro hydration vest


camelbak octane xct hydration vest atomic blue

camelbak octane xct hydration vest atomic blue

TO ENTER simply click in the comments section at the bottom of this buy ativan india post and insert the reason you want one of these packs 🙂

The 4 best reasons will be selected by myself and win one of the packs shown above. The decision is final.

Closing date for entries is Friday 18 January 2019 @ 20:00.


Good luck!



* The winner of the Ultra Pro vest will need to confirm if their required size is small, medium or large. This will then be ordered from Italy by Jeff McCarthy of It is the responsibility of the prize winner to ensure the correct size is requested. No returns will be given as this is a free prize for a competition.

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Natalie Carr says:

I’m upping my running after a debilitating 15 years with M.E. And this pack will get me on to longer trails. My eventual goal is a mountain marathon.

Scott Daniell says:

Discovered running over the past 18mths and only in the last 2mths found the beauty and tranquility of trail running off the roads and in thewild. This has spurred me to enter trail events in 2019 and push ultra running distances. Would love to own a great backpack to support my endeavours.

Amy Grant says:

I love trail running and would love to be equipped to venture further afield!

Dominic Bailey says:

You can’t beat a Camelbak for comfort. Other brands give me the hump!

Anna Thorpe says:

Me and my fiancé are going to Croatia for our honeymoon to run, for their half marathon and to have a 2 week explore of the area. We met running and it’s an ideal start to our running life. This would mean we can go further and stay hydrated in a county we don’t know yet, and pack our guidebook!

Joanne Macdonald says:

I would really love to win one of these fab hydration packs. I’m newish to running after hating it at school and am looking to up my distances and obviously need hydration!! I’ve seen fantastic reviews about these and lots of people running with them. Plus they would match my tartan leggings very well in races!!

Michelle Higgs says:

My sister’s Camelbak hydration vest is the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn and I’m tackling a coastal marathon this year, I desperately need one, but my hubby thinks my existing (too small and uncomfortable) non-Camelbak will do the job! I’ve been threatened with divorce if I buy more kit… please can you save my marathon (and marriage)?!

Charles Cope says:

Love to put one of these Camelbaks through it’s pace if I were given the chance.

Emma Davies says:

So that I never again have to utter the words ‘I’m not built to run in the heat’ on my long runs in the summer cause I hate running carrying a water bottle.

Zoe Bridges says:

Sadly need to retire my current trusty Camelbak hydration vest as after 3 years sterling service, it’s becoming a tiny bit threadbare. My companion through rain, sleet, snow, mud and the occasional bit of sun. Perfect for all my trail adventures and the only best that fits my small frame without any rubbing or excess movement.

John Butler says:

After years of going to the gym I started running in August 2018, surprisingly I really enjoyed it so I signed up for the Great Eastern Run. While I enjoyed the experience of running with other people I didn’t really enjoy running around the city. So since October I have been doing as much trail running as I can around local woods and rivers and a trip to the Peak district, now I love trial running. I have signed up for both the Maverick Race Peak District and Snowdonia Trail marathons which may be a bit over optimistic but I’m pretty determined. I will need some kind of pack and i’m sure all of these would be great as I currently use a camelbak bottle which is ace.

Mark Campion says:

My camel is too moody and aggressive to carry my stuff for my long trail races, so I’m hoping that this will do the job for me instead.

Julie Read says:

I would like to do a longer running event this year & will need all the help I can get . I consider hydration one of them as it tends to be down the list of things I bother with. This would help me enormously.

Rebecca Day says:

I would like one of these miracle camlebacks as I want to look like the runner in the picture!

Jimmy Welsh says:

I need one of f these packs because I move like a canal in the desert over the south penines and i only have one spot near Stoodley Pike where I can get water.

Gina Wilson says:

Just booked our active summer holiday and I will need a camelbak for all the running/ cycling/ hiking. Definitely look very stylish with one of these

M Nelson says:

Started running 31 Dec 17 and completed a few Lakeland Trails in 2018 … have registered for the LT Ultra 55 in 2019 so will need to keep hydrated on my longer runs and one of these vests will allow me to do that and complete my fit ultra.

Sophia Stylianou says:

These look great, fantastic colours! I’d love one of the large capacity ones for run-commuting. It would help a lot with training for my first 50 miler this year! Thanks.

Edward Waine says:

I would use this to get back into running after the birth of my little boy. I want to be a positive and motivating role model that he can look up to and demonstrate the benefits of physical exercise in this ever increasing sedentary world.

Hennie Kruger says:

As a slightly larger runner I love the H20. There is no better water pack about period. Thanks for the chance to own a camelbak.

Allan Kay says:

I would love to win the prize, it’s not going to make me run faster but run further and further eventually getting me home safe and hydrated.

Chris Summers says:

I really really really really really really really really want one . Plus I never ever win competitions like this . And finally be really nice to have some decent gear instead of the super cheap stuff.

steve walton says:

I will be running my first 50km trail run this year. Need all the help I can get.

Ross Tan says:

I would like to test these products to see if hydration packs designed for runners… will work for mountain bikers!

These packs look like they are ultra light so may be comfortable to wear on long days on the trail. The kinds of bags that won’t feel bulky or impede your body movement when navigating rough descents.

Lucy Dockerty says:

I would love this heat for my Brecon Beacons ultra

Greg Elwell says:

Because when I tried to get my camel back before she spat at me (and she’s a ridiculously good shot). Ah well, depth perception is overrated, or at least so I thought before I tried running after her and put my foot down a desert gopher hole. Now that the peg leg has bedded in I believe that, since my camel got me off her back, I may as well get my own camel on my back. With the added bonus of completing my new look with the black beard for my first ultra in May

Dan Williams says:

I’m trying to transform myself from an overweight layabout to a dad my kids can be proud of. Over the course of the year I’m running in 12 events, totalling more than 200 miles to raise money for Clic Sargent and Tiny Hearts Appeal, two charities that fully deserve every penny raised.

Would aboslutely love a pack like this for training with – carrying two waterbottles in a backpack at the moment is far from ideal.

Monica says:

I want to get 2019 to a flying start and taking up running is one of the challenges set for the next 12 months. I hope to inspire my son to get off the X-Box/iPad and enjoy the great outdoors

jeffmclfc says:

Hi Monica
Thank you for your entry. Unfortunately it was posted after the 18:00 competition deadline so wasn’t included in the final selection. Best of luck with your running in 2019.

Jack goode says:

My reason for entering this is because I used to be in the uk armed forces and was first issued a camelbak during training, it was a revolution over carrying a litre water bottle made morning training runs so much easier! I also remember been issued a camelbak for both tours of Afghanistan and thinking how easy they made accessing water well carrying full kit. Unfortunately I don’t have any anymore as I had to give them back on leaving the forces. This year tho I am due to complete the 3 peaks challenge for my partners school and was only thinking the other day I really need another camelbak for this adventure as I know it wouldn’t let me down and would be ideal.

jeffmclfc says:

Thank you for your entry Jack. Unfortunately it was posted after the 18:00 competition deadline so wasn’t included in the final selection. Best of luck with your running in 2019.

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