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Blind Dave Heeley “7 Days” film review

Blind Dave Heeley “7 Days” film review

Clock17th March 2019

“7 Days” the film about ‘Blind Dave’ Heeley…For anyone who is into running or is a sucker for a someone overcoming adversity, this film is for you.

It’s going to be featuring in film festivals throughout the UK in 2019 and I’d highly recommend it.


When I started blogging I didn’t for one second think or have any interest in reviewing any films. The reason was set up was to share my own and others experiences of running – plus my love of food πŸ™‚ But along the way I’ve been asked by Trail Running magazine to review/judge outdoor films and when this kind request came from Ian of Pixel Revolution Films, I immediately said yes. You see I’ve had the immense pleasure of interviewing ‘Blind Dave’ for a Trail Running magazine feature. I also greatly enjoyed his book “From Light To Dark“. Here are my brief thoughts – remember I’m no expert film critic so this is just a brief straight talking review.


The film starts with a wonderfully emotive yet inspiring score. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for such music. The film documents Dave and his parents being on the receiving end of some heartbreaking news – at the age of 10 he’s cheap valium told he’s going to go blind. This is obviously devastating news and yet Dave is encouraged by Mr Dyson (a teacher) to pursue his gift as a very promising runner. At age 11 he clocks just over 5 minutes for the 1500!!

What follows is a film showing one hairbrained idea after another, interspersed with the trauma and worry Dave and his family go through – and that he puts them through with his refusal to be stymied by his condition.Β This is a 45 minute film that tells Dave’s life story in flashbacks as he competes in seven marathons, in seven days on seven continents.


Ultimately this is a story of personal growth, achieved by pushing far, far beyond his comfort zone. Of mutual love and support of family and what it can do for us through very tough times. Of a pure, stubborn refusal to accept what society may say is ‘normal’ for someone with a life-changing condition.




To find out more about the film, behind the scenes, where it will be showing, please click here.

To find out more about Blind Dave Heeley, please visit his site.

I hope you enjoy the trailer and ultimately the film too πŸ™‚


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